10 things I hate…

1.) The number of Ateneo De Manila’s students coming by car, causing a DAILY traffic jam in Katipunan Avenue

2.) …resulting in TOXIC fumes building up in the area and poor jeepney commuters having no choice but to suffocate or feel their lungs burn (there’s no choice between SMOKING or NON-SMOKING).

3.) Fat people occupying space for 2 people in jeepneys, but only paying for one

4.) …and the jeepney driver insisting there’s still space when there’s NONE!

5.) How UP students blame everything on the government

6.) …when in fact, the economy’s BAD everywhere, the cost for education has been increasing globally and it’s not tyranny on the part of the university administration if they increased the tuition fees/miscellaneous fees because they also got short-changed budget-wise by the government.

7.) That a lot of guys don’t wash hands after handling their package                       (euw… ( ゚д゚)!!!).

8.) That people don’t seem to know how to read and let alone understand “Please let passengers exit first”.

9.) People non-challantly throwing cigarette butts on the floor, spitting everywhere, urinating anywhere, etc.

10.) When it rains, it FLO.O.D.S!

FLO = FLOating

O = Objects

D = disturbingly-looks-like




If someone ever seriously asked me how was my life these past couple of months, I would probably say “meh”. Not because I’m indifferent or complacent, but rather because I feel like my life has spiralled into oblivion.

Why do I say this? It is because life here in the Philippines is just that: full of indifference and complacency.

In a country with its political, judicial, and economic system inter-woven together and are all inherently corrupt–to the highest levels–one can almost tangibly feel the despair and the abandon in the people. Imagine having to live knowing that fact? If you can,  you’re one step closer from being able to understand what it is being a Filipino.

Our history is fraught with the rich seizing power through despicable means, getting addicted to it, and lasciviously trying to keep it. What’s more saddening is that the masses, the very ones that have most suffered from the greed and the corruption of the rich, have stabbed themselves in back time and again because of how they vote. It is an agonizing truth, but truth nonetheless. Every election year, millions of pesos are spent on campaigns and common man is bombarded by political propaganda through every sensory means possible in an effort to blind the people from the truth.

In the Philippines, elections are bought.

Being a UP student, those of you who might think that I should feel differently being in “THE ACTIVIST SCHOOL” in the country are wrong. Yes, UP students are activists in the sense that some actively go on rallies and actively criticizes the administration, referring to the university’s and the government. But, their activism stops short to those things that directly affects themselves. Few or even none goes into the foray of the unknown or are brave enough to stick out of the crowd and stick it up to those in power. What’s more is that they seem to be taking their cues from the newspapers or by simply just going against anything the government or the university administration tries to pull off. True activism goes further than self-interest lest they be just the same as the rich: doing things for their own sakes.

Moreover, rather than asking students to go and “rally” for change, wouldn’t it be more helpful for them to encourage students to actually register to vote? Wouldn’t it make a larger impact if students were encouraged to register themselves and also to invite their friends and families to ALSO do the same?

Well, having said that, I can’t really blame them for doing what they been doing. Our generation did grow up in THE time in which everything the government, and by default what their agencies, try to do should come into question. We SHOULD be suspicious. But, hope is not in another EDSA Revolution. Rather, hope is always and has always been in the hearts of the people.

Our complacency and indifference… our acceptance of the status quo must end. It is high time that the death-grip of the rich be broken over our country, that we wash ourselves of the dross they’ve splashed over us… to drown us with the despair.

Hope is in us… change is upon us.

Rise up, Philippines! Rise up my fellow students. Register and vote WISELY at the 2010 Presidential Elections.

Still mehing… but changing,


The nightmare of pre-enlistment & other stuff

Meh… all I can say is “Meh”… Pre-enlistment is a “meh” for me.

Some background:

I enrolled in UP as a second semester, late admittee freshmen. As was the case, I no longer had the “luxury” of trying to gain subjects through the pre-enlistment module in the University CRS system. That being said, I had to go around the university trying to “prerog” any subject I could find… and I did… I prerogged all FIVE of my subjects that faithful second semester. Summer that school year was much the same, I had to prerog both things I took… and I couldn’t even manage to get an PE subjects because the line was LITERALLY spiralling in the gym. To top it all off, some departments DO NOT open early… *cough*Bio*cough* and the whole process is as tedious and time consuming as an 80-year-old rheumatoid-stricken grandma trying to cross the street with those portable table/crutches (idk what they’re called exactly, but you get the picture).

Folks, that’s how the SHIT hits the FAN in the University of the Philippines. Ha!

What’s happening now:

This is why pink is an evil color ( ̄、 ̄;)

This is why pink is an evil color ( ̄、 ̄;)

Anyhoo… yeah… I am tossing my die once more in the second round of pre-enlistment… hoping… praying for a miracle XD Well, not that it matters because I guess I’ll end up prerogging again~ Which is tedious yes, but at the same time gives you the same kind of thrill and excitement one feels when on the hunt for treasure (if you ever did an Easter Egg Hunt with the eggs having numbers written on them and the numbers indicating what the eggs are worth IN CASH, you’d know what I’m talking about  (n’ω’`)っ )

On to other things, on May 26 I had the “pleasure” of enrolling my sister in Miriam College… I was half expecting the same kind of chaos I go through in UP, but was pleasantly surprised with the speed of the actual enrollment.

My pleasant experience was short-lived however, when I realized I was missing something: My sister’s school ID. I called Hong Kong to tell them the good news about me finishing the enrollment and nonchalantly apologized for the lost of the school ID when my sister very disgruntledly told me that it wasn’t as small of a deal as I thought. In fact, she told me that for her to get a new ID, we’d have to somehow provide an Affidavit of Lost Item for a SCHOOL ID! O_O

I was like… Meh?

So, I retraced my EVERY STEP in the whole campus from the start to finish, asking everyone I came into contact to if they had found an ID lying around. I repeated this THREE TIMES! In my mind, I was saying “Crap, we’re screwed”… And, adding insult to injury, when I was asking the STAFF OF MIRIAM COLLEGE if they happen to find a lost ID, most of them were IMMEDIATELY DEFENSIVE and shut-off. Bah! It wasn’t like I was accusing you of anything… -__- It would have been much better if they stayed PROFESSIONAL and HELPFUL rather than succumbing to just being… the STEREOTYPICAL FILIPINO… i.e. just covering their own skin (like our politicians Zzz)… How typical. I was very unimpressed. If the same people involved in the education of the youth have the same mindset and default reaction to inquiries as the sh*ts (most, not all) we have in congress/senate, then what hope is there left?


In other news, I watched Night at the Museum 2 yesterday! Yay for me ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶

Comments… Well, it wasn’t AS GOOD as the first one… the premise had promise (it’s the THE SMITHSONIAN people!) but the delivery left a lot to be desired. Yes, there were numerous funny moments, but some aspects of the movie really… really SUCKED BALLS! It seemed Ben Stiller and the movie itself needs to turn their mojo back on… The acting was uninspired and the movie lacked conviction or anything resembling real comedic flair…

Yeah... go find your moxie...

Yeah... go find your moxie...

Daniel out

∧ ∧
(*‘ω‘ *)