Just the way I like it

Surprisingly, someone beat me in using The Professional Heckler as the blog comparison to an official news outlet. Thank you Japa. But anyways, I shall proceed as planned.

It is no secret that I am very partial towards the Inquirer newspaper. In fact, I buy a copy of the actual paper almost every day. My preference also extends to news online, with the Inquirer.net being my #1 news source, with Yahoo! PH at second place (seriously though, I’m not just saying this to be on a certain someone’s good side).

So, why the two?

Firstly, the Inquirer.net is even more up-to-date than it’s printed counterpart. That being said, it also features news that it deems “Hot Reads” which helps me keep up with what is being read and discussed by the public–not just me. Besides that, the website also features a “Recommendations” tab wherein it lists articles that were not only read, but also recommended by people who’ve read them to people that are in their social networks like Facebook or Twitter. This feature allows me to keep abreast on what my peers specifically find interesting so that I’m not left out.

What I don’t find in the Inquirer is a sense of humor. In comes The Professional Heckler, which I visit a few times a month just to be able to unwind, waste time and have a good laugh. I find that the observations and the “insights” of the blogger to be most entertaining and is usually in congruence with my personal opinion or imagined scenario of the news. It keeps me level-headed, having a vicarious way to air out what I’m thinking, without actually jeopardizing my “journalistic standards”. Besides that, I also like the way the author keeps on putting out new quotes, which are oftentimes very insightful and thought-provoking. It’s also a bonus that most of the news being featured on the blog are from legitimate news sources so viewing the blog is like a review on what’s happening, albeit in a funnier way.

I guess it has something to do with presentation. I respect Inquirer.net for its content, while I enjoy The Professional Heckler’s.

It’s like this cat stuck on a bath handle; I just like staring at it for some reason.

Now THIS is cute…!