I want to get Fat

I want to get fat.

Well, not fat-fat. Fatter would be a better word. Nevertheless, it sounded better that way so I used that instead.

Moving on, for most of the world, getting fat isn’t the problem; it’s losing it. But for people like me, who have very quick metabolisms and are relatively active, it’s very hard to gain weight.

Today, during PE lesson, I was told that my body-fat percentage is at 12.6%. If Wikipedia is correct, that would land me in the lower percentile of those who are regarded as “athletic”. I wouldn’t disagree with that assessment.

But as I look at my “nekid budy” (pronounced: Naked Body, and for the record, I can’t believe I’m writing this), I look SO THIN!

How is it that I cannot gain weight at all? I have been asking this question for years now. Even if I just laze around, just being a couch (*edit*cough*edit*) potato and eating constantly, I still don’t gain any weight. What’s more, I seem to lose weight once I start becoming active again! Because of this, not just once did I find myself thinking “I’m a thin… thin… freak…”

You may be thinking “what’s the ____ is wrong about that,” but I assure you, it’s something messed-up.

I’m a guy, and I’m thin. Get it?


How the hell do I bulk up when I can’t even gain weight?

The only time I’ve gained weight to the point that people started calling me “fat” was the long months of “revision” for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examinations (HKCEEs) in which I spent all my time just sitting in the house, pretending to study, but really just being a lazy-fat-ass.

Do I need to become a lazy-fat-ass again just to gain weight? Not that I can afford to be one, living alone and having to do everything for myself. Not to mention the many places I need to go and people I need to talk to due to the many requirements that’s required of me to do on a weekly basis


Hai hai… so I end by reiterating what I said: I want to get fat!

Because right now, in my freakish body that does not want to gain weight, better FAT than THIN!


Life and Ants

I haven’t any inspiration to write lately as life and its many distractions kept it away–far away.

And yet here I am again, writing as if “something” has happened but really, it’s the same same-ol’-same-ol’.

Funnily enough, I found the inspiration to write because of something I hate… and hate dearly: ANTS!

These small, seemingly harmless creatures, that aren’t as gross as cockroaches, or as despicable as rats or as destructive as termites, but as I live on the 9th floor, I don’t suffer from those three… only ants.

Now MY ants are not your normal, run-of-the-mill ants where they just come when you leave something out for a few hours. MY ants come in swarms in as soon as 5 minutes from the time you leave something edible on ANY surface of ANY part of my apartment. Amazing right? What’s more amazing is they’d even swarm for just WATER! Imagine laying a cup of cold juice with a nice film of condensation on its surface, and after a few minutes, come back and find the place swarming with ants. DISGUSTING!

More to the point, I can’t help being disgusted admiring their tenacity. It takes a lot of effort and constant alertness to be able to respond to a potential food source for the colony in this fashion. Albeit many of them gets squished or drowned or poisoned in the end, they still persevere.

This self-sacrificing attitude for the greater good of the collective is something that has been all but lost in our society today.

We no longer care about how everyone else will fare, but only care about how we ourselves will. “To hell with other people”, “How can I care about others when I’m in this state”, “Everyone else is doing it, so why should I be any different” are just some of the many things we tell ourselves to justify our selfish actions. When I think about them, I really can’t help but agree. However, it being the logical thing to do doesn’t make it the RIGHT thing to do.

Ants are the prime example of a society that, albeit structured and¬†hierarchical–without rights or freedoms–works. We should take some life lessons from my sworn enemies, on of which is:

The collective (our country) matters.

The Philippines is worth dying for.

What is true freedom?

The 2010 Presidential Elections are just around the corner and the notion of democracy and its core value, that of freedom has been on my mind.

I still remember the US Presidential Elections some 2 years ago and boy is it different from what we have in the Philippines. We’re a little less than 2 months away from the elections and I do NOT have a clear picture of the platforms or planned projects of ANY presidential candidate as of yet.

The disturbing thing is the media doesn’t seem to be hounding the “presidentiables” about this and are just reporting fluff or the political gos*crap*sip that I bet came from these same president-wannabes.

Moreover, the candidates seem to be more interested in raising their popularity with statements like “If I’m elected, I’ll go after Gloria,” or “Hindi ako magnanakaw” which translates to “I won’t steal/I am not a thief”. Now, I can’t say I don’t understand why they choose to not dwell on the issues but rather on their image because the vast majority of voters, at least in the context of the Philippines, can be categorized as “masa”.

Now, “masa” can be loosely translated as “the many” or “majority”, but in the Philippine context, it’s the low-income, low-literacy, bottom of the societal hierarchy in country that makes up most of the voting population. This means that most of the voters, to put it bluntly, are stupid. Stupid in the sense that 1.) they don’t think for themselves, 2.) they don’t know what they really need, 3.) they don’t know who they really want, 4.) they don’t know who their friends really are, and lastly that they’re stupidity prolongs and worsens their suffering.

As it is, the government isn’t really interested in eliminating poverty, because the politicians who makes up the government will lose their voting-livestock. Why in the world are there so many slums/squatter areas even in the National Capital Region? It’s a pool for cheap votes!

Now, I’m not a heartless human being, but I am very frustrated with the way things are. The way I see it, nothing good is happening in the Philippines. Many of the youth are studying so they could go abroad for greener pastures (and I am one of them). Every new president brings new people into government, and with new people comes new baggage, and we all know that everyone has a few skeletons hidden away somewhere. Couple that with politicians and political parties who’ve already spent BILLIONS in campaigning and then say “…WON’T TRY TO RECOUP CAMPAIGN EXPENSES”. BULLSHIT!

Although I cannot really blame our public servants for their “kurakot” (stealing) because, honestly, their pay-grade system is PITIFUL! A server in Hong Kong can possibly receive a salary equivalent to that of the Chief Executive of the country–the president!

But what can I do? It’s not like a single person, of no political stature or stardom as myself can do any bit of difference. Democracy in the Philippines is dead. But can we call a democracy a democracy when most of its participants don’t even participate in their best interest.

Can we really be called free when we’re just so trapped?

I can’t say we are.

Summer school ends, Star Trek, and Angels and Demons



No more sleepless nights… no more waking up early… no more SCHOOLWORK! Woot!¬†

Well… today would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that because I had to make a Tagalog Term paper for Kas2 (which is very difficult for me because I haven’t written anything in tagalog in ages, let alone a whole 10 page research paper about why monotheism came from the Jews and whatnot), I couldn’t revise for my Chemistry Exam enough. I only got around reading 5 of the 12 topics tackled… Now, coming from Hong Kong means that my Chemistry knowledge is quite extensive, but the exam was hardly Chemistry at all… It was a Trivia quiz, more history and memory work than anything about Chemistry… meh… and I HATE HATE HATE History.¬†

On another note, Kas2 was much more enjoyable that I previously anticipated. At first I was really nervous as to how I’ll do with the “angkop na wika ang gagamitin natin para magaral ng Kasaysayan ng Asya” (a suitable [contextually, Filipino] language will be used in our study of Asia’s history) because my Filipino writing skills are equivalent to a 5th grader… But, all in all, it was fun and challenging. I felt I learned a lot about the continent of which I am a part of and, at the same time, learned about my own native language as well. =) Good work, Prof. Dedina Lapar! Also, be seeing you, classmates…

So… after my Chemistry exam, I was both bummed and happy all at the same time. Being me, I was conflicted on what I should do… Should I go home and sleep? Should I go shopping for clothes (need more clothes)? Finally, I came to a decision… I’m gonna go watch MOVIES! So I hopped on a Pantranco bus, got off Philcoa and rode on up to Glorietta 4, my favourite mall, and watched 2 movies consecutively, first was Star Trek and right after was Angels and Demons…


Star Trek was so and so. James Tiberius Kirk was portrayed as too cocky I think… Considering his character’s other (future) selves. Haha, Sylar was perfect for Spock (whatever the correct spelling of his name… sorry, I ain’t a Trecky -_-). The plot was so-so too, the all too familiar blackhole-creates-time-space-distortion-time-travel-bad-guy-from-future-blah and all that jazz. The most interesting aspect was the character development which somewhat compensates for the lack of depth of the plot (I’d like to see Ender’s Game (Orson Scott) on the silver screen… THAT’D be a SCI-FI flick I’d LOVE TO SEE!). The acting was… oscillating from okay to cringingly bad (I’d nominate the guy that played the doctor for a Razzi >_< Yes… it was that bad!) Here’s a pic about showing the old cast compared to the brand-new-spanking new cast:


The new guys are prettier, but the old guys are timeless

The new guys are prettier, but the old guys are timeless


Moving on… Angels and Demons was… hmm… interesting. I’ve read the novel almost a year ago, so I had a vague idea of what was gonna happen, and overall the rendition of the novel to the big screen satisfied my expectations, although there were times that I just had to cringe at the blatant attempt of the director to besmirch the cardinals by showing reals of his “actor cardinals” smoking. Well, it IS true that many cardinals smoke, but just because they came from a time when the hazards of smoking wasn’t known yet… Anyhows… Although it was the truth, it was still portrayed so prominently that the bias was oozing out of it by the gallons. What makes me wonder is if the cardinals who smoked was shut in the Sistine Chapel until a new pontiff was elected, the quite a few of them should have displayed symptoms of nicotine withdrawal… meh… The acting was bad… Yah… it was bad… the chopper-sky-full-of-light-lord-of-the-rings-people-go-flat-on-the-ground-from-shockwave wasn’t as cool as I thought it should have been based on the book’s description… Ewan McGregor did a nice job being the Charmalengo, but he should have overacted more and showed some more crazy eyes XD¬†

Ratings… Star Trek: B // Angels and Demons: B-

Well, wanna sleep now… I’m gonna sleep until noon tomorrow…¬†

Daniel out