Realities, Genes, Mojo and Finches?

It seems that every week, the volume of what we need to read decreases. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but just  stating an observation.

This post is in response to the four (4) articles assigned to us this week:

Realities in RP Science, Human Genetic Variation–Science’s breakthrough of the Year, From Museum Basement, a ‘New’ Dinosaur, and For Male Finches, Range Comes With Muscle.

The first article was the most interesting one for me as I am quite the nationalist and I agree with assessments of the author and would have used the same points of argument if I had made the article. The only problem was the abysmal layout. It seems that the writer doesn’t have a good relationship with paragraphs, as he had some of the hugest blocks of words I’ve seen in an article. What made it worst was that I first read the article through my iPhone and clumped up words in a small screen does not work at all!

The article about the human genome was very interesting as I am a keen observer on anything about genetics as I view it as the future of medical science. It would also be great if the “induced pluripotent stem” cells mentioned in article can really replace the embryonic stem cells required for regenerative-medicine. It would plug a lot of moral holes and at the same time greatly benefit the whole human race.

The article about the dinosaur named “Mojoceratops” was very dull. It tried at humor, but failed. Miserably. Although I found the reasoning for the discovery a bit interesting, it lacked “spice”.

The finches article was short. Too short. I read it all in under two minutes. The story was interesting, so it was disappointing for it to end so abruptly. I think a lot of Filipinos would have liked to read more information, as we are a musically-inclined people, and most of us sing–for better or worse.


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