Readings #2: Horses, Phones, Strings, Operas, & Trains

[This post is in response to the 5 articles that was given as an assignment]

Big Phone, Big Screen, Big Pleasure

Riding the Rails of Malaysia, in Singapore

How I Used Twitter to Live-Blog the Opera

The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved

The String Theory


This weeks readings were relatively light compared to last week’s.

Having said that, I didn’t really enjoy reading this week’s more than last week’s either.

The stand out for me this week as the article about the Kentucky Derby. The author didn’t edit how his conversations went with those he talked to. In fact, I had a little trouble keeping up to speed with the heavy accents and all the culturally contexted words used in between his conversations. Not only once did I search the net for the meaning of some phrases.

The article about the app-phones and the opera tweet were similar to each other. They were both written for a “geeky-techy (trekky, lulz)” crowd, which is a category I may fall into on some occasions. As an iPhone user, I found the news about Android a bit surprising, because from what I’ve heard from other people, it isn’t all that. The article didn’t even cite any of the “big problems” that the Android suffers, one of which is the lack Android accessories, for the style-conscious user.

I liked how the train article was written, although I would have liked it if the description were more vivid as the whole article seemed to have been aimed to travelers. I know for a fact how different Singapore and Malaysia are to each other, so, yeah… it falls short on that front.

Being a sports enthusiast, whenever Wimbleton or Olympic tennis shows on television, you’d see me bouncing up and down just to not have a heart attack. That’s how “enthusiastic” I am about it. Although the article was very informative, it may have been daunting to some who are not in the know.


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