O + D = Douh!!

[This is a reaction to an article found Oprah titled “Oprah Interviews Ellen DeGeneres“]

This article was less than satisfactory. The first page was okay, but I doubt that Oprah wrote it herself. She may have had the final read-through, but I seriously don’t think that she could be bothered to do so—her being a billionaire and all.

My bias aside, I described this article as “less than satisfactory” because the meat of it, the interview, didn’t really strike me as interesting. For one, the questions were fluff. Oprah didn’t ask any hard questions like whether or not Ellen thought herself qualified to be a judge on a “singing show” as she doesn’t have any background at all in the music business.

Moreover, in the interview, Oprah came off as very self-indulgent. Saying statements like she knows the look of a person’s face when they have a “sense of well-being” or claiming that telling the truth will somehow get you paid. It seemed to me that Oprah, in her splendour, has lost touch with reality and is a bit full of herself.

If I were the interviewer, I would have made the whole thing more dynamic. The interview was bland, without any chemistry at all, at least in my opinion.


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