Net Makes Us Scatter-brains

[This is a reaction to the Wired article by Nicholas Carr: “The Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Brain“]

Among the other three articles, this one is by far the most technical as the subject matter has something to do with health.

Despite that fact, the more I read it, there more I wanted to read because of one simple fact: it was talking about me. The symptoms described by the author were dead-on as if the article was written especially for me. The fact that the article itself contained “hypertext”, which I subconsciously opened, made its argument all the more convincing.

I think the writer purposefully used words and phrases like “bottleneck” and “fill a tub with a thimble” in such a way that it required his/her readers to focus, to think and to imagine. In doing so, readers are kept interested, but more importantly are more likely to really assess the truths being talk about through self-examination.

The writer also prolifically uses quotes and statements taken from various sources in relevant fields of study to bolster his argument. Although this method may be effective, I found the lack of contradicting studies very biased and made me less receptive to the points of the article. Their inclusion would have helped me make up my mind.


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