Afghanistan’s Networking Mogul

[This is a reaction on an in the The New Yorker by Ken Auletta titled: “The Networker“]

This article was long.

Out of the four articles given, I had trouble reading this one the most. Although it was straight forward, it was a bit too straight forward. Almost nothing was left for the imagination and every detail was recorded and written as though the reader was expected to be able to re-enact the scenes mentioned. I had trouble staying interested, which made it a long, and boring read.

An upside of leaving nothing to the imagination is that after reading the entire thing, I feel as though I know. I know how prolific and extensive Saad Mohseni’s network is and I know why and how he became the man he is today: Afghanistan’s Networker. But even though I know all these things about this man, I feel as though we never connected (well, at least I to him).

Asides from the vivid portrayal of the socio-political geography of Afghanistan, I didn’t find anything too interesting. Nothing made me laugh or raise my eyebrow or solicit any response from me asides from the occasional yawn. Maybe it’s because I’m a very visual person, but this article and I just didn’t connect.


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