Joyfully Lost

[This was the first assignment assigned to us in J109, which is to write a profile of our seatmate. Anyways, this is slightly altered to protect the privacy of the person it was written about so the name of the person was “initial-ized” (I don’t know if this is a real word, whatever).]

When one is in the groceries, finding a crying child isn’t all that uncommon. And we all know that a crying, lost kid, is anything but happy. Would you believe there is anyone who would be happy being lost? Well, you’d better.

SJdlP is one such person. Already in her 20s, she’s in no way in hurry to finding herself and what her true calling in life is. As she put it so succinctly, “I’m just here to enjoy the ride!”

She entered college when she was only 16 and upon the recommendation of her mother, entered into the College of Architecture. For three semesters, she toiled and struggled with her course requirements and later ultimately realized that she had “no passion for architecture” and could not bear doing the same things for another three and half years. So she left.

S then spent another three semesters as a non-major student, which some people might regard as a supreme waste of time, she enjoyed immensely. During this period, she was able to be free. “I had such a great time just taking the stuff I wanted and was interesting to me,” she said recounting her experience. “What’s more was I was able to get away from my enemy, Math, during that time,” she added.

Eventually, pressure from her parents forced her to veer away from her would be “freedom” to choose a major that suited her. Maybe it was fate or just blind luck, but as she closed her eyes and whooshed her pen around a list of all the colleges and departments, she landed on Journalism.

All’s well that ends well she discovered she loved to write. So much so, she describes herself as a person who “couldn’t live without writing”.

When asked what she wanted to be in the future, she gave a vague answer: “who knows, I may love writing, but I can’t see myself becoming a writer just yet. Maybe I’ll go into Psychology or become an artist. I’m not setting anything in stone”.

Lastly, when asked if whether she was okay with being aimless in life, she said with a grin, “I’m not aimless, rather, I’m ‘AIM-FULL’,” “What’s important is that right now, I truly happy!”



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