The Philippine Supreme Court + The Tooth Fairy

The Supreme Court of the Philippines can be found along Padre Faura Street and is easily accessible via any public transport that goes through Taft Avenue, most notably it’s only a few minutes walk from the United Nations Station of LRT1.

As a journalism major, it was exciting to be able to go to a place I may one day cover as a beat reporter (if I opt to work as a journalist) and as I’m also very interested in the law, the Supreme Court had an almost irresistible appeal to it. I was all excited to see where the HIGHEST COURT in the COUNTRY convene and set legal precedence and also settle legal disputes. It, in my heart, spelled as the place with the highest prestige as in its walls, the rule of law is absolute and justice is given to those deserving–well at least it was supposed to be.

The first thing I noticed was how congested the street was, and this was due to the presence of many (many…) peddler shops around the compound. Maybe they’re there to cater to the students of UP Manila and the many staff of the Supreme Court/Department of  Justice/National Bureau of  Investigation/etc, but I didn’t see any of them display any sort of identification saying they LEGALLY allowed to conduct BUSINESS on the street.

What was more surprising was the pirated DVDs, VCDs, and fake-BlueRay peddlers just setting up shop just a few steps away from the gate! Wow! Talk about brazen balls? I don’t know if they are simply ignoring them, but in any case the fact that they WERE there made my notion of prestige and justice and whatever else I thought good of the Supreme Court and the DoJ (and the NBI for that matter) go down the drain.

Anyways, moving on to the interior of the complex itself, I was pleasantly surprised how clean the place looked. Definitely looked official, although I found the system of filing petitions to the Supreme Court a bit anti-climactic as you just need to hand in a form in the guardhouse (at least according to my source).

The architecture of the place is very traditional, but I was disappointed that the building lacked that “musky smell” of old buildings which at least for me spells grand tradition and history. Also, the En Banc assembly hall smelled rather odd, but nevertheless was very beautifully furnished and tidily fixed.

Photos can be found on my Facebook account ^_^

Go to this website for more details if you want to find out the SC’s history and current justices, etc:


The Rock should stick to his macho-personna and never go near a tutu or tights again!

Another happening this week was me watching the latest Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson’s Disney flick, the Tooth Fairy.

There were NUMEROUS EUWWWWW~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ┌(;*´Д`)ノ┌(;*´Д`)ノ┌(;*´Д`)ノ moments in the film that got me saying “MY EYESsSsSSs~~~ THEY BURN!!”

The the humor was not really solid, although there were some scenes that I laughed out loud, but one character in particular did NOT HELP THE FILM AT ALL and that was the character played by Billy Crystal. His lines were bland, the timing was off, and everything about his character, even the ending clip of him *spoiler*doingsomething*spoiler* was so so so unnecessary. I would have liked it better if they have just shown us what happened on the tall guy’s first mission, etc.

Overall, even though its misgivings, I liked the film overall. It has a nice story and a nice moral to it. It helped greatly that I believe in the power of dreaming and imagination, so it was a nice experience overall.

That being said, I never want to see a muscular man in a pink tutu EVER AGAIN!

Rating: 7.4/10


Ughh… failing…

Failing to do my new year’s resolution… how typical me~!

Anyways, this is just a nuisance post (without tags) ;P

2010… Now what

A new year, and yet again another chance for a new beginning…

Well, one of things I want to do differently in this year is to more regularly write on this blog.

I’ve just been too lazy to keep up on things… but I’ll try to make a conscious effort to write more.

That being said, HAPPY NEW YEAR~!