Life in UP Diliman

My first blog post (I blame insomnia for this post)… Zzz… Meh…

Moving onwards, as the title suggests this post will be about life as a university student in the premier school in the Philippines, UP Diliman. 

Well, to be frank, it’s not that impressive. Comparitively, my Hong Kong highschool has more technology than 90% of the college campuses in UP Diliman. Man, it’s a real bummer that the “premier” school is SO… SO POOR ;_;

Well, other than that, there are upsides in being in THE Philippine state university: It’s C-H-E-A-P! In fact, I don’t understand why during the previous Student Council elections, all three of the major parties were making a big fuss about the increases in lab/miscellaneous fees… I mean, COME ON! The tuition fee per semester is already cheap taking into account that UP Diliman is THE BEST university in the Philippines. And, the increase is PER SEMESTER, which means even if they increased it by ONE THOUSAND PESOS, that divided by 5 months, which is 150 days, it would mean a P6.67 daily increase–roughly the amount of one IKOT jeepney ride. Although, the lab fees increases aren’t as steep as the example above, averaging only a few hundred pesos… Arg… 

Well, I can’t blame the University Board for squeezing as much money as they can from their already UNDERPAYING students because they really got screwed over by the Philippine government (screwed over is an understatement). If I remember correctly, the univeristy only got 1/3 of the budget it asked for… and so… they’re really strapped for cash. It’s only logical that the largest stakeholder, the students, should help carry the financial burden of the university. If one thinks of it as an investment, it’s not really that bad at all. What’s losing a couple of hundred pesos and thus having to skip a few lunches, compared to the possible lowering of the quality of your education? There’s really no comparison. 


I’m getting sleepy… 

So, that’s my 2 cents for now…


2 thoughts on “Life in UP Diliman

  1. Not all UP students can pay 20,000+php per semester.

    In the first place, UP is a STATE university and it was established to provide inexpensive but quality education to bright, talented but poor Filipino students.

    Most upper middle class students will say that it is still cheap because they could still afford it, but what about the lower class—those who should be enjoying (if not a free) but an inexpensive quality education for their children?

    I am lucky enough to still enjoy the 300php per unit tuition, but I pity those bright students (especially those are from the province) who passed UPCAT but cannot take the opportunity to study in a good university because they cannot pay for their education in Manila.
    Tuition fee is not their only problem, it also includes their allowance, monthly rent, books and other miscellaneous stuff.

    Since the tuition fee increased, I’ve been seeing more young UP students who are from the upper class than from the lower class which makes me more nervous about the future of UP. Soon, UP won’t be any different from Ateneo and La Salle.

    I think that a true UP student should not only be aware of their own needs, but also of the needs of others. They should think critically. They should know what’s going on behind those tuition fee increases and those tie ups with private companies.
    I am not a student activist but I believe that everyone has the right for FREE and QUALITY EDUCATION.

    • Well, I’m sorry to give you a rain-check on that belief of yours because with the current state of things in the Philippines and the university itself, it’s not feasible to reduce the tuition fees. It is unfortunate how things are right now, but we’re all partly to blame.

      As the Bible saying goes “You reap what you sow”, we are reaping the harvest of our choices (i.e. Putting to office corrupt officials, rampant littering, rampant-copyright infringement, etc.) .

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